What We Are About

When we began we had one mission - to share our love of "Bengals Cats" with the world by raising the healthiest, happiest kittens out there.  Every aspect of what we do is out of love for our cats, not the business - and our outcomes prove that an ethical approach will triumph, even in the most critical of critics in todays society. 

How We Do It

We believe that raising a great early-generation Bengal requires more than just a premium bloodline!  We hand raise each and every baby Bengal with everyday sounds, plenty of TLC from our children & other pets.  We thoughtfully designed a special room for only our Bengals to ensure our kittens are primed for success, but it is the round-the-clock love and care we provide which truly set our furry friends apart.

What You Can Expect

You deserve only the best, and that's what we bring you.  Whether it's a spunky F1 or a snuggly F5 you're after, we have you covered!  With  an impeccable pedigree.  Extensive genetic testing, veterinary care, and a health guarantee means the only thing you'll have to worry about is choosing the perfect kitty!

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