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We Are Slowly But Surely Retiring Our
Palmetto Bengals.
This is a difficult and time consuming process. Serious Inquires Only.


English 843 345 6876
Spanish 843 303 5448

We Are Retiring

After more than 12 years of sacrifice we are retiring Palmetto Bengals. This is a slow and time consuming process. We will be accepting requests for pet adoptions. Please only send requests if you are ready to begin an adoption process. We only have a couple young adults and a couple of kittens. We will be particular about where they go. 


Please be direct in what you are looking for. So we can quickly communicate if we have the right fit for you.

 If you are "shopping around or thinking about it" please wait until you 100% ready and have permission from whom ever else it concerns. 

What We Are About

Our family as a whole over the past 10 years has worked together to raise the most Socialized & Healthiest  EG Bengal Cats Our There! 

We Have Taken Multiple Temperament Tested Asian Leopard Cat Bloodlines Combined With Multiple Champion Bloodline Bengal Cats From All Over The World To Create A Beautiful Exotic Look With A Beautiful Temperament To Match. 

 Every aspect of what we do is out of love for our love of the Bengal Cat & Leopard Cat Breed. Our outcomes prove that an ethical approach will triumph, even in the most critical of critics in society today

How We Do It

Every Year We Make Personal Sacrifices That Most People Would Take For Granted To Research, Study, Add, Retire, Keep, Bottle Feed, Deliver, Train, Socialize, Mentor and Last But Not Least We Keep Up With The Latest And Greatest Health Test! 

We have learned over the years that for a family or person to be successful with EG Bengal Cats It  requires way more than just a premium bloodline. It takes our whole family working together as a team, listening to the owner's wants and needs. Matching the right kitten with the family.  

The special attention to these most important details is truly what sets our furry friends apart.

What You Can Expect

You deserve only the best, and that's what we bring you. All of our Bengal Babies have a predisposition  to use the toilet instead of normal cat litter box. This mean less mess for you! Palmetto Bengal Kittens Come Temperament Tested, Health Guarantee, FREE Health Insurance, UTD On Vaccinations, De-Wormed, Micro-Chipped, Care Guide, Carrier, Leash, Harness, Blanket, Training Potty, Favorite Toy And Health Record.

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Around The World With Palmetto Bengals

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