Arabian Nights F1 (High Percentage) Litter




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High Percentage F1


Extremely Rare & Sought After Blessings!

Please Welcome "Arabian Nights" Our Very Own 3rd Generation Charcoal Brown Bengal and Our Asian Leopard Cat "Nagini's" First High Percentage Litter Together.

What is a F1? 

ALC + Domestic = F1  50% ALC 

What does High Percentage F1?

ALC + F3 = F1 56.25% ALC 

Do they make good pets? 

YES! In fact they make great active pets! More like side kick. If you are looking for a lazy inactive "house cat" this may not be for you. These babies are hand fed from 3 weeks of age or sooner depending on when eyes open. Palmetto Bengals stand behind our babies. We make sure before they leave your pick will be a great fit for you and the whole family

Fun Facts of the F1 (High Percentage) AND Asian Leopard Cat.

Due to the Asian Leopard Cat naturally using the restroom in the water in the wild as part of their natural instinct the F1 especially Higher Percentage will normally potty in the toilet with little to no training!

Are they good with dogs?

YES YES YES if introduced correctly and common since is used during playtime.

Are they good with kids?

They are a kid what are you talking about? :)

How much do the F1 (high percentage) cost?

Truly depends on the cub its self. Each are priced according to how close to the ALC they actually look and rarity. Considering they cost of parents alone was almost 12k not that much.  Making the base price only a fraction of what we have invested in the parents. :)

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Exceptional Quality

To succeed in producing the most beautiful Bengal kittens imaginable, you must first have the most beautiful cats possible! Take the time to look at our breeding Bengal cats. They are simply breathtaking! We work very hard to select only exceptional Bengal cats, and this is reflected directly in the quality of our Bengal kittens for sale. We also produce Bengal kittens with spectacular colors that are highly sought after, which brings our little kittens to travel around the world to join their new families.HealthAll of our breeding Bengal cats undergo a series of health tests to screen for various possible hereditary diseases, including HCM (heart) by a specialized cardiologist. These measures avoid many problems for our cats, our Bengal kittens for sale and their future owners. Our cattery is proud to have tested negative for the following diseases and parasites:HCM (heart condition) FiV / FeLV (Immunodeficiency / Leukemia) PK-Deficiency (anemia) PRA-b (progressive retinal atrophy of the eyes) Trichomonas (intestinal parasites) Giardia (intestinal parasites) Coccidiosis (intestinal parasites) TemperamentThe temperament of the Bengal kitten you are going to buy is of the utmost importance, because that will determine your bond, attachment and love for him. For a Bengal cat to be kind and affectionate, he must have been socialized and cuddled from an early age. The first months at the cattery are very important. At Wild N Sweet Bengals, our mini leopards are born and grow in the heart of our living room. They get a lot of love and are petted throughout the day, so as you can imagine, they are wonderfully socialized. Our Bengal kittens for sale are simply adorable. And since the temperament is often hereditary, we select breeding Bengal cats with the best possible personality which makes all the difference.