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Ready For The Holidays!






Date of Birth

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Please Read Before Contact!

December 20, 2023

We Do Have New Babies That Are Ready Now And For Christmas But That Does Not Mean We Are Rushing Them Out For $$$$$


We are extremly busy with them at the moment and it is hard for us keep up with the website at times. However if you are serious and ready please call me at 843 345 6876 for faster updates. 

Be clear on what you are looking for so we can help match the right baby to you. 

New Inquires PLEASE Ask Whomever It Concerns Before Contact. It Is A Super Busy Time Of  The Year For Us All.. 

If we have not responded after giving information multiple times, offered to meet in person and sent photos and videos. Do not be suprised if we just stop responding. We only have one life to live we really do not feel like wasting it on redundancy. 

We DO NOT Hold Kittens With-Out A Deposit! Do not be suprised if kittens are not available a few days after or sometimes hours later. 

"Still thinking about it"  or  "Talking To Spouse" or "Let me sleep on it" or if we are just asked endless questions day after day and left in limbo. 

We are not high pressure.  Because we seriously do not care about "Selling kittens to the quickest buyer".   

We will simply keep them until the right family comes along. 


Yes We Can Provide Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!  But That Just Takes Time Away From The Most Important Thing We Can Do.....


We can meet in person without a deposit if you are willing to drive to safe location that is in our route and schedule. WE WILL NOT HOLD A KITTEN WITHOUT DEPOSIT. 


Please do not confuse us trying to organize deliveries and secure homes via deposits as scammers.

Put yourself in our shoes....

How are we supposed to know the person on the other side of the phone, text or email is not a time waster, scammer, nosey-nancy or photo collector?

How do you think if feels being called a possible scammer when your whole family has been  dedicating their life to something they are very passionate about?

We have earned a great reputation from hard work and sacrifice.

We would love to make your dream kitten come true. At the same time we can not afford to waste time trying to convince the hard headed the sun is hot. :)

We can work together as 2 open minded adults to reach a compromise for comfort though.


They will use the human toilet in almost all cases! Why? Because of the dads natural instinct to use the water.
Do to the training we put in to them a human potty and the natural instinct that comes from the Asian Leopard Cat dad who eliminates waste in creeks & streams in the wild. Our F1 Bengals come with their training-potty to help transition them to the human toilet in their new homes with out much fuss. Normal Bengal cats have to be trained to the toilet just like normal cats it is not instinctual for them to use the water.
You want a Bengal that walks on a harness? Our F1 Bengals are far better in many ways for Leash training. Why?
F1 Bengals are as mentioned before from an actual exotic cat that likes to explore. Most Domestic Bengal Cats are just like most normal domestic cats. (Yes they have a little more curiosity) but that is it. Our F1 Bengal kittens have stronger traits that most families that want a Bengal are looking for.
Don't want to walk a "cat Okay no problem get plenty of interactive cat toys and or a cat wheel.
What Do They Eat?
Not Meow Mix There are plenty commercially available food that are great for them now days.
Are they good with other pets and children?
Our F1 Bengals are socialized to dogs and children from day one. In 10 years of raising them normally they end up being a child's best friend and fido's favorite playmate.

This is not just an every day type of "Bengal It is the best type of Bengal to have for someone or a family who wants all the awesome traits just a little more intensified in a good way. Nothing wrong with "SBT/Domestic Bengals" if that is what someone wants but most are not any different that a normal house cat with a pretty coat.
We have more than 10 years of experience with the Bengal Cat breed.

Beware of the influx of " Cheap Bengal Kittens "

 Recently we have noticed a rise in what seems like EVERYONE raising "Bengals It is awesome in one way but it is scary in the others. There is so much that goes into producing HEALTHY SOCIAL STUCTURALLY SOUND AND GREAT BENGAL CATS. A lot of people it seems are just trying to make a quick buck with no real research or love. This is heartbreaking for the kittens as well as families if sold a sick or unsocial kitten. We love to connect the right Bengal kitten to the family. We provide follow-up guidance tip & tricks that can be helpful when getting your new baby.
Our ideal owner is someone who not only is in love with this breed but is responsible and financially stable.


We understand in the world today there are plenty of scammers around however we can provide plenty of proof and background to ease your mind.  We do deliver in person all around the world. Depending on your location and time of the year there may be free delivery. If there is a fee it normally is only the cost of our flight.   Please inquire if out of county.

How much do Bengals cost?

Truly depends on the cub itself. Each is priced according to how close to the ALC they actually look and rarity. Considering the cost of parents alone was almost 12k not that much.  Making the base price only a fraction of what we have invested in the parents. :)

ALL Bengals start at $2500 and go up to $6,500 . We Normally Spay and Neuter before leaving or under a strict spay or neuter contract.

****Sometimes a little lower or a little higher****


*UTD Vaccinations


*On Prescription Flea, Mite & Heartworm Medication (Revolution Plus)



*Traval Carrier and or leash harness

Here at Palmetto Bengals we strive to do the very best with each litter. This may seem a little over the top however our methods have been proven to work over and over again for over 10 years now.

The key to success in most anything is knowledge. Our efforts we put into our breeding program is not just to learn as much as possible about our beloved breed but to educate our furr ever families as well.

Early Generation Bengals do enjoy human company, and will often stay close to its family members and do love to be in its owner's lap after he has worn himself out. The Bengal cat breed particularly enjoys the company of children, since its energetic nature makes it very fond of playing games.

Do they make good pets?

YES! In fact they make great active pets! More like sidekick. If you are looking for a lazy inactive "house cat" this may not be for you. These babies are hand fed from 3 weeks of age or sooner depending on when eyes open. Palmetto Bengals stand behind our babies. We make sure before they leave your pick will be a great fit for you and the whole family.

Are they good with dogs?

YES YES YES if introduced correctly and common since is used during playtime.

Are they good with kids?

They are a kid, what are you talking about? :)

Deposit Policy

We cannot hold your kitten without first receiving a non-refundable deposit. Although we do not give cash refunds, we will be happy to apply the deposit towards to another kitten, product or service.

Please make sure you do your research before reserving your new friend.  Get to know the breed, speak to other owners, and gain an understanding of what will be required of you.

December 2023

We Can Not Any Longer Be As Flexible As We Have Been In The Past. We Do Have Bengals Ready To Leave.  We Will Not Hold Any With Out A Deposit through Cash App or PayPal (Friends/Family) , Venmo, ACH Bank Transfer. We understand their are scam artists out there. However we have to protect ourselves as well. We have 10 years of background and ways to show we can be trusted.


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