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What is a Bengal Cat?

The Bengal Cat is a Medium to Large-Sized Cat. They are muscular and long. You would be hard up to find one that is overweight. The broad Head and Muzzle combined with High Cheekbones, pronounced whisker pads, those wide and round eyes that have mascara around them are what makes up the appearance of the Bengal Cat.

The Bengal cats’ ears are one of the hardest to mimic the Asian Leopard cat they are to be rounded and small.

This graceful jungle cat moves quietly and with stealth. Their back legs are just a tad bit longer than the front legs. Thus, making the Bengal muscular and built athletically. They built for action!

Standing out with its every so mink soft pelt with the very distinctive Leopard-like spots on the Bengal. Patterns can range from marble, plain spotted, arrowhead rosettes, large round open or closed rosettes in a horizontal flow or appearing randomly.  No matter the Generation the Bengal cat is known to be hypo-allergenic due to the dander being different thanks to the wild genes from the ancestor’

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